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Who is Soam Jena
Who is Soam Jena

Today we are going to know about a person who has done something very strange at a very young age.

 Now we are going know about the mystery person. The name of mystery person is Soumendra Jena.

For know more about him, so check below.

Who is Soam Jena

If you gonna want to know Who is Soamjena, please find below

 First of all his real name is Soumendra Jena, he is called SOAM in short and also fans are called SOAMjena, Soam Bhai, etc.

Who is Soam Jena

He is a biggest influencer and Digital Creator in India at social media platforms.

He is a biggest Business man also in Odisha. And he is a big inspection for 200,000 people or more.

Some about Soam Jena

Let’s know about SoamJena’s personal details herself. Right now we are going to know his personal details such as his height, his age, his monthly income, etc.

To know about them, we have done many parts. You can easily go and look in the details given below and you can know.

Soamjena height

So now we know about his height. What is the height of Soam Jena itself? To know that this is the question of a lot of people.

SOUMENDRA JENA height is 5.5 fit which is a common thing for the people of Odisha.

This information is nearly same as real Hight.

Soamjena age

Let’s see how much their age is, and know about their date of birth. And let’s know which date Soamjena was born.

 He was born in Jagatsingh Pur, state of Odisha in 25th September 1987.

Now he is around 34 year old.

Social Media

They have created havoc in social media, if you want to know their social media, then you have read till the bottom.

First of all they have a lot of YouTube channels which we are going to offer right now.

Their main YouTube channel is Soam Jena. There he makes Hindi and Bikes related videos.

Their second channel is Odia Toka which is Odia Channel. There he makes boxes in Odia and gives a lot of instruction to the Odisha people.

if you want to you know all about the social media of him then we can check below table.

SOAMJENA monthly income

 Now we will talk about his income.  You will now know how much income that monthly.

 Their monthly income is more than 95 lakhs+.

Soamjena house

SOAM Jena Qualification

Soumendra Jena salary

He is a bos of this companies and acording to this his salary will be around 1cr

Soumendra Jena family

Right now we are going to know who lives in their family, how many people live in their family, what is the name of the whole family member.

If you want to know who are in their family and what is their name, then you definitely read below.

soam jena family

SOAM Jena wife

Soam Jena’s wife name is Amrita Das

Soam Jena father name

We do not know their father’s name. If you know his father’s name, then you must tell us in the comment below that we will mentor his father’s name there.

Soam Jena’s Business

Now you guys are going to know, finally, give sommendra, that is, you will not sleep about business. After all, what does he do because of which he is so rich? Many people will know that all this will not be done by any job i.e. they do business.

After all, what is his business, we are about to leave. So let’s know about all his business.

His biggest business to do is his Main 5 business which he himself operates. Apart from this, he has many other businesses which he runs in many ways.

So the CEO & Founder at QubeSys, Photozone, SBK Store, JetSpot & JetCloud.

So let’s know about all his business.

Who is the owner of Jetspot?

Right now you are going to know who is the owner of JetSpot. And what is JetSpot.

What is JetSpot network?

Basically, JetSpot is a WiFi network service provider company operated by Soumendra Jena. This company is operated by Soumendra Jena, that is, Dena herself. If you want to know more about the same company, you can go to their website by clicking here.

What is QubeSys?

QubeSys is an e-commerce company operating through Soumendra Jena. They ship a lot of products there. Whatever is promoted in their YouTube channel, all the products are seen through their website.

If you want to know more about the same store, then you can very easily click here and go to their official website.

If you know anything about them, then you must tell us in the comment section.

What is Photozone ?

Photozone is a wedding photography and videography company which is owned by Somendra Jena.

Here Photozone’s members or their employees work wherever the wedding project is found and their employees go and work. The berth goes through all the instructions Soam Jena.

if you want to know more about this company e then you can go by clicking here

What is JetCloud

Basically, it’s a hosting and domain registration company. Here if you want people to buy domine or hosting, then here you can buy a lot of things for the price.

This company itself runs by Soam Jena. Their hosting is very fast, whatever you want their hosting, you can visit their website by clicking here.

I use them posting personally, I get very fast service.

What is SBK Store

First of all SBK full form is SUPERBIKE

It is also an e-commerce website where bike related goods are sold.

If you want related accessories of super bike like helmet, riding gear etc so I can check it out.


Personal Info
Stage NameSoumendra Jena
Real NameSoumendra Jena
Local NameSoam Jena
Profession(s)Youtube, Instagram, Twitter star
Birth Date25th September 1987
Birth PlaceJagatsingpur
HometownNow, Bhubaneswar
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
HabitsExploring New Motorcycle, Vlogs Making & Respecting to time
WifeAmrita Das 
Education & Qualification
Social Media Accounts
Jetspot Networks Pvt
QubeSys Technologies Pvt.
Soam Jena wife, income, house, Biography, Wikipedia

Some Work for you

If you know more information about him then please comment below and we’ll public as soon as possible with your credit.


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  2. Sir, you are single piece in the world.who handled many companies…god bless you sir
    and I pray that you because the no.1 business man in the India .
    Sir one request, some how you donate the money to orphans and poor peoples. Keep smiling sir…..

  3. U have made so much spelling and grammatical mistakes in the blog so please correct it or else i can help u correct those and btw good work.


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