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Priya Dhapa is an artist of sketching and painting, an indian vlogger and social media influencer. Priya Dhapa is the best friend of popular youtuber and vlogger Sourav Joshi. She was fond of art and sketch from her childhood. She decided to change her passion into her profession.

She started working as an youtuber with her two sisters Riya Dhapa and Srishti Dhapa in an YouTube channel named Dhapa sisters vlogs after being inspired from her best friend Sourav Joshi Vlogs. She was also been featured so many times with her sisters and friends in the vlogging channel of Sourav Joshi.

Sourav joshi is a popular indian vlogger, youtuber and social media influencer. He often shares videos of his family members and friends in his vlogs. Priya Dhapa has always been featured on his channel. She is engaged in vlogging on his best friend Sourav Joshi Vlogs youtube channel.

Then she started her own YouTube channel with her two sisters named Dhapa sisters vlogs in 2021. She runs two YouTube channels named Dhapa sisters Vlogs and Priya Dhapa. Her channel comes under the list of most popular vlogging channels of india. She is even more popular after being featured in Sourav Joshi’s channel.

She uploads lifestyle videos and daily vlogs on her Dhapa sisters Vlogs channel. And she uploads videos of arts, sketch and paint on her Priya Dhapa channel. But she is not much active in this channel nowadays but trying to keep her subscribers to be updated and enjoy watching her videos. People also likes, comment and shares her new videos. Mostly the fans and followers of Sourav Joshi love to watch her with him.


Priya Dhapa was born in the year 2000. She was born in a small town in Uttarakhand, India. She was born in a typical Hindu family of uttarakhand. She is around 23 years old in 2023. She is around 5’1” feet in height and 55kg in weight. She is fair in colour with black eyes and straight black hairs.


Priya Dhapa lives in Delhi with her family. She belongs to a typical hindu family. Her father’s name and mother’s name are still not public. You will soon get updated as soon as we got any information about this.

She is now living with her sisters and cousins and uncle and aunty in Delhi. Her father and grandmother has expired during the COVID 19 pandemic in 2021 as per her shared information in a previous video. She lives with her uncle and aunty in Delhi.

She has an elder sister named Riya Dhapa. Riya is now doing a job in a company. She also has a brother named Vivek Dhapa. Vivek is now persuing his education. Shristi Dhapa is her cousin. The three sisters are making vlogs on YouTube in the channel named Dhapa sisters vlogs.

She spends most of her times with her friends. Sourav Joshi is her best friend as they both are from art work background. Sourav joshi is a popular youtuber and vlogger and runs a youtube channel named Sourav Joshi Vlogs. Sahil joshi also famous for his vlogging. Piyush Joshi also has a YouTube channel named Piyush Joshi Gaming. Sahil and Piyush have also been featured so many times spending times with Priya Dhapa.


Priya Dhapa is not married yet. But it is rumoured that she has been in a happy relationship with her close friend as well as art partner Sourav Joshi for a very long time. So Priya Dhapa boyfriend is Sourav Joshi as per the rumours. But there is no confirmation about this from their side. Sourav Joshi is one of the top most leading vloggers in India.

She is only 23 years old and more focused on her studies and career. We will update you if we get any further information about this in the future. So stay connected with us to get more informed.


Priya Dhapa has completed her basic schooling from a Tamil school. She has recently earned her Bachelor in Fine Arts degree from Blossom Kochhar College of Arts, Delhi, Uttarakhand this year.

Priya Dhapa used to be an only college going student as others. But she started her appearance on her close friend Sourav joshi youtube channel from the beginning of her channel. Till then she used to do vlogging on her channel with her two sisters.


Priya Dhapa has started her vlogging channel named Dhapa sisters Vlogs in 2021 with her two sisters Riya Dhapa and Srishti Dhapa. She has around 276 videos on this channel. And the channel has a subscriber base of 347k.

She uploaded his 1st video in November 2021 in this channel. Her 1st video has not got a lot more views and success. But she didn’t quit and kept making and posting videos consistently. Nowadays she is not much active in this channel.


Priya Dhapa was fond of arts and culture since childhood so she started her own youtube channel named Priya Dhapa in 2022. She used to upload her art videos and art related vlogs and challenges on this channel. She has uploaded around 25 videos on this channel and has around 79.2k subscribers in it.


Priya Dhapa is also active in Instagram. She used to share reel,travel vlogs and lifestyle videos on her instagram. She has around 268k followers on her Instagram account. Her channel reached around a million views in just few months. Now her channel owns about 347k subscribers. She has been gifted his silver and gold play buttons from youtube.


Priya Dhapa is one of the top leading youtubers in india. She is active in most of the popular social media platforms. She has around 1.1million followers on instagram and 347k subscribers on youtube.People used to share and like all his photos and videos in various social media platforms.

Priya Dhapa started her youtube channel in 2021 and uploaded her first lifestyle vlog in November 2021. This video has got around 1 million views till the date. She used to do vlogging on his friend’s youtube channel named Sourav joshi vlogs. She has created a special fan base for her and now it’s helping her to reach people in millions.

Along with all of the social media platforms she has also acted with Sourav Joshi in some music videos of Voila! Digi. She has been featured in videos like “Manjoore nazar”, “Tera ho raha hoon” etc. People also like to watch them together. Both of her music videos have got a huge success and attention.


The main source of her incomes are commission art works, sketching and painting and youtube ad, instagram, brand promotion and music videos etc. She also uses some online platforms for art and earns from that.

She is earning around $1000 from her art work. She is earning around $1500 from her two YouTube channels named Priya Dhapa and Dhapa sisters vlogs in a month. She can easily earns up to 50k in a month for herself. So she earns approximately 10 lakhs in a year. She has a networth of 2-3 crores approximately.


If you want to contact with Priya Dhapa, you can message her on instagram. Her phone number is not available publicly. You can either mail her or message her on Instagram or comment on her YouTube channel. We will provide the email details and Instagram account details just below the article.

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