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Dami Lee age 2023, biography, family, husband, architect salary, networth and Wikipedia


Hello friends if you are looking for a bunch of informations about Dami Lee then you are in the right place.

In this article we are going highlight about Dami Lee age 2023, biography, family, husband, architect salary, networth and Wikipedia.

Dami Lee is a professional architect of Canada. She is also an youtuber, entrepreneur and social media influencer. She is a licensed architect of Canada. She does small projects of architecture and interior designing in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. She is also a freelancer. She takes orders from her clients to provide them the best interior design plans and architectural graphics in her best possible ways.

She is also an youtuber from 2020. Her channel is titled as Dami Lee. She makes videos on Architectural ideas, informations and guides on her channel. She also makes some contents on architecture and internal designing that are all time eco-friendly. And these ideas are going to fight against the upcoming crisis in global population and climate.

Overall she makes educational and motivational contents for students who are interested in architecture and designing. She guides them online by providing suitable and correct information to the beginners about the ideas, tools and steps of architecture.


Dami Lee was born on 7th June 1996 at Seoul, South Korea. Her parents are Korean. She belongs to a Korean family. She is around 27 years old in 2023. She is a tall girl with a fine height up to 5’5″. She weighs around 58 kg. She has brown eyes and straight black hairs. She is almost fair in colour and has overall a fit and healthy figure.


She has completed her basic schooling in the schools of Canada. She was much more interested in home designing. So she completed her bachelor degree in architecture (B.Arch) from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Then she also earned her Masters degree in Architecture (M.Arch) from the same institute of Canada.


Initially she started working as a hostess in a Bar restaurant while studying to manage her pocket money. Then she joined a company named and worked there for two years. She also started collaborating with and gained new experiences in the working field of architecture. She is now working as a freelancer in various freelance platforms. She works in small projects of designing for her clients.

She is also a content creator or youtuber from 2020. She started her own youtube channel named Dami Lee in 2020. She is very frequent in YouTube nowadays. Her 1st video was ” My anxiety to Design” in which she had shared all her experiences as an architect.

She shares tips and tricks for beginners in the field of architecture and designing. She makes videos for her students who are interested in architecture and designing. She suggest different tools for a high quality design. She also invented various ways of designing that will help in future to fight against climatic disasters and population crisis in the globe.

She has around 639k subscribers in her YouTube channel with only 124 videos. She is now getting views in millions in her channel. She has taken as a part of her profession now and serving a lot of people via providing knowledge.

She is also active in various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. She has around 38k followers on her Instagram account named Dami Lee. She shares tips, informative shorts and travel vlogs on her Instagram account.


Dami Lee belongs to a typical Korean family. She was born and brought up in South Korea up to 7 years. Both her parents are Korean and used to live in South Korea. Then they all relocated to Canada, United States. Now she lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, United States.


Dami Lee is married but has kept her marital life private from social media. No more personal information rather than this is available publicly. You will soon get updated after we get any further information about it.


Dami Lee is fond of reading books from very beginning. She used to collect new books and read them usually. She also shares a lot of facts about books and its benefits. She has recommended the following books to her fans to read.

” The Eyes Of The Skin” , ” Architectural Graphics “, ” The Hidden Dimension”, “Invisible Women ” And “Principles Ray Dalio “. Ray Dalio is the most informative book among all of this regarding to her. All these books are not only for architecture field people but for everyone irrespective of the working background.


Basically Dami Lee is earning money from her Architecture projects and interior designing. Apart from this she also earns from the online freelancing platforms for architecture and designing by providing suitable projects to her clients. YouTube has also been added to the source of her incomes as it has been her profession now.

Dami Lee earns around $10k-12k in a month and YouTube provides her around $ 6k – 7k out of the whole monthly income. She is earning around $ 500,000 from youtube through Adsense in a year. YouTube ads, brand promotion and Instagram has also been parts of her earning source. Dami Lee Networth 2023 is around $ 800,000.


Dami Lee has not shared her phone number publicly. But you can contact her on Instagram messages. You can also mail her on and in her website in which she posts all the informations in her blog.

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